Zombie EPICdemic: A Zombie Anthology


Welcome to the ultimate Zombie anthology, herein you will find a wide variety of what we call “ZOMBIES.” We take you around the world to find the most incredible tales of the undead, from a boy on the run in Alaska, to a trip to New Orleans go wrong and beware of the walking dead that is cleaver than you! In this anthology, you will find nine stories and one in-depth essay about “Why do Zombies eat People.” There is something for every Zombie lover in this book, so grab a snack and enjoy Zombie EPICdemic!

This anthology contains stories written by fantastic writers such as S. Sadie Burbank, Brandon Cracraft, T. Fox Dunham, Tim J. Finn, Mike Lutz, David K. Montoya, L. Alan Russo Jr., Terry D. Scheerer, Mark Slade and Jay Wilburn. Edited by L. Alan Russo Jr., with Associate Editor Randolph R. Lofgren.

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