Why I left Movies for Books…

I’m surprised my how many emails I’ve received that had asked me as to why I’m leaving movies and going into publications. Instead of emailing everyone back, I decided to explain here in the pages of FaceBook, where I can reach all of you at once.

First, I should say that I haven’t completely given up on making films, that’s who I am and is in my blood, but things have taken the luster out of making a film. Please allow me to explain. It was back in 2010, I was working on “Typhoeus” movie. I was sitting with a couple of my friends and we were talking about making a movie and I kicked out the basic idea of the plot for “Typhoeus”, me and my friends talked it over and went on to other things that evening and I had completely forgotten about the movie concept by the time I went to bed. Justin Somers came to me the next day and filled in some plot holes of the “typhoeus” idea and handed me the plotlist.

That evening we were sitting around and we developed the entire story for the movie. Before I wanted to get invested into this I wanted to contact one of my Producers in California and get his feedback on it. So I had one of the others type up the plot, so I could email it to my Producer. During this, Justin yells out, “Don’t forget to put story by me.”

Now, this actually did not set well with me. I mean, didn’t I come up with the very same concept just the day prior? And because he filled in a few plot holes, now he’s the creator of the freakin’ story? But, I let it go, it had been a while since my last film and I was itching to get into this one. I emailed it to the Producer and his reply was what I expected… “You guys really need to flesh this out, but I think it would be a great project to do. Now we’ll just have to find the investors.”

I went back to the others and said the project was a go. That I was going to sit down and write up the script this weekend and have it to the producers by Monday. I was stopped by Justin who told me it was his idea, he and his girlfriend was going to “co” write the script with me.

The first thing that went through my head was: F*ck! Neither of the two had ever written a movie and now they were in charge of scripting two-thirds of the freaking film!

As time went on we produced the script and sent it to the Producer in California. He said it wasn’t a bad first draft, but needed a lot of work in the rewrites. I wasn’t about to go through this all again and decided to bring in a good friend of mine, David K. Montoya, to rewrite the script. But the other two had a stipulation that he could rewrite the script, but could not change their parts that they had written.

It was during this time that the investors started to hound me and the Producers about the progress of the movie. They had put their money into this to make it happen and now they wanted things to hurry along so they could get their money back and get some of that profit pie. It was also during this time, my (then) company The New Blood Film Company bought Dark Myth Production Studios, before I bought it I was warned by the original owner if I was sure I wanted to buy it. It was a Media conglomerate and took a lot of work to manage. I agreed to purchase it for a fair price and was instantly brought into the world of publishing.

Back to the movie front, we had just purchased a new camera, computer, props and everything else when the investors (mainly Angel Bruckheimer) was wanting faster developments on the film or wanted his money back. Now, Dave wasn’t even done rewriting the script, but Angel was our biggest investor and if he pulled the project was dead. So I decided to pack up the crew and the equipment and start filming what had been rewritten then. I figured we could start piecing the film together and that’d hold off the vultures…I mean the investors long enough to finish the film.

Once we go to the location and started filming things were different from when I did “BodyBag”. No one was happy, it was in August so everyone was hot and angry, and it was just a drag to do. Well it was a few days into the shoot and our lead female, me and Justin got into a heated argument which had nothing to do with the movie it was personal matters. She just walked off set, got her stuff at the hotel and bailed the next morning. The Producer I had in Florida who was let’s say “Romantically Involved” with the lead female left that same day. Justin pulled from the project as a consultant because he was friends with the two who had left and within a matter of hours the project was dead and I was screwed!

I tried to revive things after everything went down hill. I learned a lesson from all of it though, I learned that this day and age making a movie was no longer about doing it for the love of the craft. Today, it’s all about how much money can you make (and I admit I got caught up in that too), no one cares about making a good movie, they only care about how good the poster or dvd cover looks do they can sell lots of tickets and/or dvds.

Things got rough with investors and purchasers: in the end I ended up selling New Blood and returned the money which was loaned to the investors. I ended up moving back to Arkansas felling very defeated… I knew as long as the industry was in the mind-set that it was currently is I knew I was done with it. The funny thing is I never wanted to run a business, all I ever wanted was to making movies. But unless you have neverending pockets, you’ll find yourself on the business side of things.

I had a lot of time to reflect on things once I was in Arkansas, besides working on the movie, I worked on Dark Myth I put out a comic book which was fun to do and an anthology as well as a calendar. This is where I developed a passion for publishing. I was gone from the company by the time any of the products went to market, so I never saw what the outcome was for any of them.

I knew a short time after arriving in Arkansas, that I wanted to start my own publications company. But I needed capital to start things up. So I started to save (because I sure as hell wasn’t going to involve a new investor), I wanted this to be my own. Were I didn’t have a board of directors to answer too and I just wanted to “Create” without dealing with the business BS attached to run a company.

It took me a year and a half to save up the money I needed and hired a business manager to run the company, while I can make the books I’ve been thinking about doing for sometime now. I had a blast with those projects while I owned Dark Myth, and that’s what I’m looking for now… Is to have a blast again. I’m honestly not looking to become rich or famous… I just want to have a good time doing what I do.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and I hope this answered everyone’s questions.


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