Zombie Works Publications Acquires Publishing Rights To Do A History Of New Blood Films Book

Hope, AR, June 26, 2012. Today, Zombie Works Publications has announced that they have received the rights to publish a book about independent movie studio, New Blood Films. The newly founded independent publishing company (which is co-owned by New Blood Founder, L. Alan Russo Jr.) leased the rights from MythWurks Corporation to not only write a book, but to use exclusive photographs and past logos.

The book to be titled, “The Rise and Fall of New Blood Films,” will be about New Blood Films fighting to be the standard bearer in the world of independent film making for over a decade. Now, fans can read the story from the people behind the scenes and on the set who witnessed and created the history of the company. Read as L. Alan Russo Jr., and others give an inside view of the organization and the highlights and lowlights of its fifteen year existence, including the first theatrical play, the purchase of Southren Light Studios, the emergence of the New Blood Films, the management turmoil, the purchasing of Dark Myth, and the company’s eventual collapse.

“We are thrilled to obtain these rights and are equally excited about the opportunity to tell the story of New Blood Films. A subject very near and dear to my heart,” said L. Alan Russo Jr., Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of Zombie Works Publications.

Besides bring the Publisher of the project, Mr. Russo will also in the head writer of the book along with others who were apart of the company’s decade and a half history.

“The plan is to tell the whole story. So there is going to be a autobiographical feel to parts of the New Blood book,” Russo continued, “and also, don’t expect for us to pull any punches—we are going to tell the story, the good, the bad and the ugly, which includes talking about something that shouldn’t have been done and naming the people who did those things. So beware.”

“The Rise and Fall of New Blood Films” is scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Fans can go to http://www.zombieworks.us/riseandfall/ for furthering details.


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